To provide our students with a fun and safe place to create lasting memories and learn valuable skills for sport and for life.


  • Achievement: It is our duty to help each student that comes through our doors achieve their full potential by helping them set goals and work towards them in a constructive way.

  • Community: Our business is centered around our loyal families and staff. The strength of the community at Northwest Aerials is one of the things that sets us apart from all other gymnastics facilities in the region.

  • Fun: We are charged with the responsibility of helping every student find the balance between hard work and play, recognizing that the two can very well happen together. We strive to cultivate a fun, positive environment in which we can work and our students can enjoy their time. 

  • Growth: We play a critical role in the learning and growth of our students and ourselves with regards to both sport and life in general. To live out this value is to approach every situation with the desire to learn and help your students do the same.

  • Quality: Facilities, equipment, materials, and instruction. We do not settle for “good enough.”