Northwest Aerials
Gymnastics, Dance,
Trampoline & Swimming


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Class Descriptions:

Wiggle Worms:  Walking-35 months

This is a drop in program, you may attend anytime a class is offered. This program includes an adult.  It has been found that children under 3 years work best with individual help in waiting and listening.  Your help is needed in teaching your child effectively.  Each class will consist of 3 stations:

*Floor:  Activity Song, Stretching and Tumbling Circuit that will promote large motor skills (climbing, jumping, balancing and rolling).

*Trampoline & Foam Pit:  Jumping, climbing and taking turns.

*Preschool Gymnastics Room:  Bars, Slide, Balance Beams, Ball Pit, Bubbles and a Closing Activity.


Mighty Mites:  Gymnastics classes for Ages 2-3 without parent

Super Mites:  Gymnastics classes for Ages 4-5 without parent

Pre registration required.  Youngsters will be introduced to the fundamentals of gymnastics. Emphasis will be on development of basic motor and gymnastic skills. These classes provide an opportunity to improve strength, coordination and agility while building self-confidence and motor skills. Northwest Aerials offers accelerated programs for ages 4-8:  Little Aerials.


GYMNASTICS (girls and boys ages 6-10):

Beginning is designed for students with little or no gymnastics experience.  Advanced Beginning is designed for students some gymnastics experience and knowledge of skill names.

Boys and girls beginning gymnastics provides an introduction to gymnastic skills. Each student will experience all areas of gymnastics including tumbling, bars, vault, trampling and beam progressing at his or her own level. Boys classes also include rings and pommel horse. This class is designed to build strength, coordination and agility through a positive learning experience. USA Gymnastics’ Level 1-3 skills are used on all apparatus. Students will be recommended for intermediate or Advanced Girls classes of all Boys classes for beginning, intermediate, and advanced by their instructors. Northwest Aerials provides a wide schedule of accelerated classes for boys and girls of all ages.



Classes are designed for beginning through advance students and include the school team competitor. A great way to meet new friends while learning or perfecting gymnastic skills and/or trampoline & tumbling skills.



These classes introduce young children, beginning at 21/2 years, to the natural and basic ballet movements and creative dance. Children improve their coordination, rhythm and balance along with improving self-esteem and confidence.


A fun way to learn balance, grace and rhythm. This class is open to any ballet enthusiast. Each class will stress positions through barre work and basic ballet movements.


A fun class for beginning through adult students. The class consists of tap barre, center floor and combination steps. Students develop a sense of rhythm and coordination.


Learn basic isolation and jazz movements along with routines. Dance into shape. Classes are designed for youngsters and adults, and are a combination of classical and street jazz. Hip hop classes and breakdance are also available.


Any of the dance classes above may be combined with a gymnastics class to provide the best of both worlds. The opportunity to experience a quality dance class AND a gymnastics class taught by a professional staff member on the finest nationally certified  equipment can only be found at Northwest Aerials.

Ninja classes include trampoline & tumbling skills along with obstacle courses.  Ninja classes combine gymnastics, trampoline, parkour & martial arts into one class.  Students will learn how to roll out of skills properly, climb the cargo net, run up the warped wall, try the get up the salmon ladder, climb & swing on a rope and much more!


Northwest Aerials offers a USA Gymnastics Trampoline and Tumbling program on Euro tramps (Olympic quality) and double mini trampolines. Beginning, Intermediate and Team programs are offered for boys and girls

Trampoline/Tumbling:  Will work on the Euro Trampolines, Double Mini, Inground Trampolines & Tumbling

Trampoline/Gymnastics:  Will work on the Euro Trampolines, Double Mini, Inground Trampolines, Bars, Balance Beam & Tumbling